Monday, June 17, 2013

Unforgettable Memories

There is no charm of being happiness when I was in solitary, countless memories roaming inside my mind but I wonder sometimes its real me or just like an actor performing drama on the stage. Being reminded by the past memories, I miss my lovely mom and dad.  Your memories still lingers inside my mind and always reminded, how we had fun and share our own dreams. Sometime it gave me more painful.

 I have done nothing during their presence. But it does not mean that I don’t want to do but I was small lad and can’t do anything then crying. It brings me many endless thoughts and emotional to me that really kills me. Having given the more burdens, please forgive me on this.
I realize that all these are because of our previous karmic that decides our presence of today. I am proud of them and I will do whatever I can for them till I leave this world, unlike those who forgot their parents and left alone at home. Hope one day they too realize like me. when they are gone far away from them and lingers their memories. But it does not mean that I wanted to hurt them and interfere in their personal life, but fact is that their presence is more important to us than being left alone at home.
 I remember my grandpa narrating story to me before we go to sleep and we use to offer ARA (local made wine) for his story. I have learned many amazing stories (five brothers, monkey and orphan boy, a man and Yeti, witch and poor man , grandpa and grandma ,  monkey and grandpa grandma , the witch and prince so on…) from grandpas. Some of these are included in Bhutanese folk stories.
Your blessing and wishes has really blessed me and now I am grown up as a young man. Your words are always with me and I will do no matter what circumstances occurs on me. I pray for your way to heaven and back to earth. I love you mom and dad, though both of you are not around me. I hope you can see and hear me. “Your happiness is my happiness” I love you forever.

PS; There is hope of coming back to you. Pray for them to rest their soul in peace and harmony. Your good deeds of chanting and rosaries, hosting prayer flags, love and compassion to others is the only way to heaven ...............


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