Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unsuccessful Journey

 "the most wonderful and beautiful things in this world  cannot be seen or even touch but felt by handful of heart
After my prolong journey I landed in the place where she has been studying. It was tough time for me to gather all hardship throughout my journey.  Nothing can make me happy and feel better. There I was unable to close my eyes and raise my head . I don’t know why it happens to me, the moment I saw her…her smiling face, feels me something that I have been missing her for many years. For me she is new but how it happens to me is mysterious thought.

There is saying, “if there is will there is a way “. we started sharing our own thoughts and feelings and it was a perfect touch between us and it was regular.

Friends started teasing and talking about us…others shared about her to me saying that she is simple and good character blah blah blah…the more we talk and the more we were teased by friends and  more I fell in love with her. Her best song is “Jigten meyel rangwa….”she sings this song perfectly like that of a nightingale and makes me feel more sentimental and emotional. There was no time for me to rest and talk with my roommate. Her smiling face reminded me being alone and always in my mind. How crazy I am love with her and time passed by without any strong answer to my love.

 It was time for us to depart  I escorted her till train station. I was left behind all alone and waving my hand toward her. Time and again I called her.She told me she will call when she reach  to her destination. It makes me feel much better than being left alone in station. Day’s and months passed by waiting for her call and I am not feeling well, my face turned  pale, there was no taste in food and always reminded by her smiling face I gave my last call to her and told her that my last attempt was to see her and wanted to hear from her that she love me. But all my effort are in vain.
Its hard to forget the past but the choices that opened for me in another shouldn't be miss. Now I have relinquished myself and found the way to be happy. No matter what happens to me.I am still happy when I saw her around.

 Being friendly is much better rather then developing hatred within us.


  1. We can’t judge the book by its cover!! Nice one bro…

  2. Nice seeing you blogging. I am following you. I too blog at Try reading it out.


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