Sunday, January 27, 2013

My inspirational

Hachi, My inspirational dog

It was in midsummer, I am so bored and can't do anything .I thought ,let me get some movies from the town.I was loitering in town for last few hours looking for good movies but I found none. I am back to my room and I am so tired. I thought my work done is zero today.
 I took my remote control and  searching for action movies. I found a movie just started on star movie. At first I felt movie do not seem to be interesting by looking at the name of movie” Hachi” but I don’t have choice other  then this.

 I keep on watching and few minutes’ later tears on my eyes. I  shed my tear while watching  Titanic, but that was due to sympathy to those who lost their lives and their lovers . 
 But this movie, I truly couldn't hold back those streaming tears. It's beautiful, heartbreaking, inspirational, and shows  what unconditional love looks like in its purest form.
Hachi is very loyal to his owner and the part that made me cry is when Hachi ran away from his home even when it's far away to wait and greet his owner. The saddest part is that he didn't know his owner died and he's been waiting in the train station for years. He never gave up waiting until the end of his life.I can’t elaborate more on this please! 
A friendship that can be last forever and does not dies only if there is love and compassion. 

                            Hachi’s statue still exists in Japan.

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