Friday, May 20, 2011

Within the four Walls

four walls   dude...
My life has been confined within the four walls. And it’s within these same walls where the world of my own has been lived with my friends. I don’t know how fruitful it has been or not, but that’s something that I can adjudge later in my life. Apart from regular activities normal humans do, listening to Bhutanese music has always been one of the most loved things we kept living on.  "Dey na mai..... , gawai hingtam labne  detsi rachi... ya ma song ........" (Please wait .....Now its time for me to express my eternal love  ...) has not just been one of the sweet melodies to me, but also to Abdula. He is from Iran. Despite the fact that the lyrics were alien and strange for him to understand, he somehow enjoyed listening to it as much as we did. He used to go crazy with smile and happiness when we interpreted what those songs meant. Deb Nagpo, the name we fondly call Wangyel, always made the moments precious and memorable. His interest in making MTVs and composing songs with full of fun and bantering. Every time was like some rehearsal, sometimes it was awesome, and sometimes it was otherwise.
Before you may wonder that we lived on listening to music only, I would like to tell you that we also enjoyed games and other stuffs so much as many young people do. Tashi Dawa , a man known for so many ideas was keenly interested in learning guitar and dancing though we call him BDFC manager as he worked in financial institution.  However, much to the surprise of everyone around, Tshering Dorji, someone who can be best described as sleeping handsome, we appointed him as our Gold Collector as nothing passed through him without any calculation.
     Now with all the above mentioned things, you could well imagine what I am fond of. Music always keep me joyful, movies gives me momentary rest out of busy schedule, and blogging, the source of learning With the kind of name I have, Sithup Karsel Dawa, my friends always had the rush of encouragement poured on me to become actor. If it’s because someone has such a good name, one would become an actor, I wonder how many of us would have already had our hand in it. Whether they meant nothing more than the plain teasing, I actually have a feeling that I could one day pursue my dream of becoming an actor. Just like my friends pat on my back with a big smile, which I don’t really know of it being sarcastic or true encouragement, I CAN DO IT.
Like Pawa, father of Poo in Kungfu Panda, the secret ingredient to the soup is that one should believe it as special, everyone in the four walls of our room, has a secret ingredient which would take a long sail in life. I am well here waiting for the boat of life which would sail towards the undreamt world of reality and destiny.
Life has to go on.

PS; Your life is incomplete without friends around you

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