Monday, November 22, 2010

All about peace and love

Youth: International Peace Fest  
It was a moment of pride for Bhutanese students at the fourth international youth peace fest in Chandigarh, India which started on October 14.  Garbed in gho and kira, they were the center of attention.

The Bhutanese participants were students of the Chandigarh chapter of Bhutan students association (BSA).  It was the second time BSA students participated in the peace fest.

The peace fest is organised every year to spread the message of peace and love through music.
“We were busy moving around, interacting, taking pictures with other participants,” said a BSA participant, Sithup. “We couldn’t help but smile and be happy.

Participants from other countries talked about Bhutan as a violent-free and peaceful country.  Bhutanese students said that they were proud to hear good things about their country,  “I was happy to explain to other country delegates about our peaceful country,” said another BSA participant. “Most of them love Bhutan and are looking forward to visit our country sooner or later.”

Besides musical events, the participants witnessed plays, seminars and peace parades.
The participating youth came to understand the significance of “peace and unity,” said a participant.

According to the BSA (Chandigarh) president, Ngawang Lotey, the festival was a huge platform for youth to increase cross-fertilisation of ideas through interaction with different youngsters from around the world.

“We were privileged to share the vision of our former kings, Gross National Happiness, our culture and tradition,” he said.  BSA participants performed traditional dances in national dress.

Thousands of youth from different Indian states and 22 other countries participated.
Participants were awarded with certificates. The five-day youth festival was organised by Yuvsatta India.

P.S: This article appeared in kuensel K2 magazine

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